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The Interpol Commission for the Control of Interpol’s Files (CCF), approved a petition, filed by our office, requesting annulment of an international arrest warrant of an Israeli citizen wanted by the Interpol.

Our petition we submitted to the CCF demanding to revoke the Red Notice because the country requesting the arrest failed to meet Interpol’s criteria and requirements.

In the mentioned case, a Red Notice warrant was issued against an Israeli citizen with the accusation he was involved in a large-scale fraud. We argued that the incident in respect of which a criminal investigation commenced was a civil dispute, therefore contradicting Interpol’s rules. Hence, there was no justifiable reason to initiate criminal proceedings and issue an international arrest warrant.
We further claimed, arrest and extradition to the requesting country is liable to lead to a significant violation of human rights, thereby strictly contradicting and violating the Interpol statute, obligated to assure and protect human rights.

After the CCF examined our appeal, they ruled that even though the accusations  may be considered criminal offenses in the requesting country, it is very possible that in other member countries these actions will be interpreted rather as civil acts than of offences of criminal nature, and because in the ladder countries it will not be possible to extradite him, therefore it is unsuitable to affirm the international arrest warrant.

CCF determined that the wanted person’s welfare and human rights, in the requesting country, is truly endangered. Inter alia, it is possible that the case circumstances will lead to a non-fair trial.

For all the mentioned above reasons, the CCF accepted Rotenberg law firm appeal and annulled the Red Notice.

We have seniority and knowledge with Interpol petitions in Israel and around the world. If you need assistance and advice, do not hesitate to contact us immediately.

עו”ד ניר רוטנברג
כותב המאמר: עו”ד ניר רוטנברג

חבר לשכת עורכי הדין משנת 1997, התמחה אצל עו”ד דן אבי יצחק. עורך דין פלילי ניר רוטנברג עוסק במשפט פלילי למעלה מ20 שנה הינו מוותיקי עורכי הדין הפליליים בארץ וטיפל בתיקים פליליים מורכבים מאוד, בארץ ובחו”ל.

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