Rotenberg law firm was established by Adv. Nir Rotenberg over 20 years ago and is based in Tel-Aviv. The Rotenberg law firm specializes in criminal law. Our office provides legal services throughout Israel and internationally. We provide complete package of legal services to foreign and domestic clients:  financial transactions and infrastructure projects, and as a full-service international law firm offer legal advice  with  respect to complex investments, joint ventures , securities offerings, escrow servises, internet and information technology in all areas of commercial law. Our criminal defense lawyers fight tirelessly to protect and advance the rights and interests of our clients subject to the Israeli and international laws at all levels of court. Respectively,  Rotenberg advocate team do not compromise on our clients' legal rights and civil rights. Rotenberg law firm has prominent expertise in representing individuals and groups alleged in crime, serious criminal offenses, suspects, offenders and victims of crime and provide legal consultation in a broad arrange including criminal law, administrative law and military law to individuals and groups. The Rotenberg law team has the capability, knowledge and experience to fully and utterly address each client and cope with most complicated and harsh evidence. Rotenberg law team are skilled in weaving a custom strategy to various proceedings individuals, companies and institutes in Israel and worldwide may encounter.  Rotenberg law firm also specialize in preliminary investigation consultation, preparing the interrogatee to be completely prepared for police and various authorities interrogations, examining all aspects and scenarios that may occur, by exposing and simulating the client to the techniques used by the authorities. Furthermore, Rotenberg law firm works side by side with all media channels, depending on how it may benefit the case strategy, either for publication or in secrecy compartmentalizing the media of any details. If you, a family member or acquaintance have been entangled in criminal activity, violated or victimized, we will strive to provide a ray of hope. Do not hesitate to contact Rotenberg law firm to exercise and utilize our expertise, experience and capabilities to operate on your behalf.THE OUTCOME REALLY DOES MATTER!

עו”ד ניר רוטנברג
כותב המאמר: עו”ד ניר רוטנברג

חבר לשכת עורכי הדין משנת 1997, התמחה אצל עו”ד דן אבי יצחק. עורך דין פלילי ניר רוטנברג עוסק במשפט פלילי למעלה מ20 שנה הינו מוותיקי עורכי הדין הפליליים בארץ וטיפל בתיקים פליליים מורכבים מאוד, בארץ ובחו”ל.

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