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If you happen to find yourself facing criminal charges or as a suspect in a crime, you need a lawyer, and as soon as possible. When facing such a situation, time is of the essence. A good advocate early on can solve many problems you might face otherwise, for example in the case you unintentionally provide information that can incriminate you.

In most cases, the people that find themselves facing the criminal law are ordinary people who have no knowledge of this world. For example, many tourists or foreign workers will enter the country without prior knowledge of the law. That, combined with the language barrier can often lead to misunderstandings with the police and state authorities. Hence, it is best to rely on professionals in the field of criminal law to get you out of such situations.

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You will surely find such professionals in our firm. We are an experienced criminal law firm that holds vast knowledge of the legal process, and can provide legal advice at any stage, no matter what the case may be. We have seen countless clients through trials, investigations and all other preliminary hearing processes. We hold high success rates in both winning the case if it gets to trial and avoiding trial altogether. We are very successful in shortening arrests and getting better conditions for our clients throughout the process. Moreover, in cases that do get to a guilty verdict, we are experienced in making deals with the prosecution that can get you an easier sentence.

The first stage of any criminal process is the police investigation. Many might not hold this knowledge, but much of the case is often decided based upon the police findings in their investigation. Hence, it is crucial you have a good legal counselor on your side early on that can guide you through the questions and help you provide the right answers. On many occasions, the presence of a legal advisor on your side is enough to ease the investigation and help tilt it in your favor.

Similarly, if you are already under arrest for any reason, our law office specializes in suspects' rights when under arrest. Therefore, we can make sure you get what the law states you deserve, and can plead to the court immediately for any violation of your rights. Often, a good legal adviser can use such violations to taint the legality of the process and shorten the arrest.

Moreover, if your case gets to trial, you will be much calmer knowing you have a legal expert on your side. The trial can be a very intimidating part of the criminal process. Part of it is intentional, in order to weaken suspects and to threaten criminals. However, much of the intimidation will look differently with a good lawyer representing you. A good lawyer will be acquainted with the judges and will oftentimes know the prosecutor, and will therefore influence the judge's decision in your favor.

Even before the final verdict, many "smaller" decisions can have a vast influence on the whole process for our clients. Decisions such as releasing to house arrest or granting better conditions under arrest can make the whole difference. We know that, and in our firm the attitude is that anything that is important to the client is important to us. A criminal process can be lengthy and tiring, and we fight for our clients during the whole process, not just towards the verdict. Hence, we will do anything in our power for the wellbeing of our clients, and make the intimidating process less daunting.

When choosing a criminal lawyer, it is crucial you choose someone that will fight on your side. Our firm represents any person, no matter what the case may be. Our lawyers will do anything for our clients, and will make sure you get the justice you deserve. We deal with legal matters of all kinds, but specialize in criminal law, and have been in the business for decades. From our experience, good legal advice early on makes all the difference, both in the process itself and of course in the outcome.

Furthermore, it is crucial the criminal lawyer you choose knows the law forwards and backwards. While this sounds straightforward, the Israeli criminal law system is no joke, and it takes skills and experience to understand it in its entirety. Hence, we possess both the skills and the experience, and have dealt with cases of all kinds before.

So, if you happen to find yourself in a legal tangle, make sure to give us a call, since this call can be a life saver for you. Our lawyers are available around the clock at any hour of the day, and will come to aid you anywhere in Israel. You can contact us on our site or call us directly, and a lawyer will come to you as quickly as possible. So don't hesitate, ask for our help and we will deliver.

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חבר לשכת עורכי הדין משנת 1997, התמחה אצל עו”ד דן אבי יצחק. עורך דין פלילי ניר רוטנברג עוסק במשפט פלילי למעלה מ20 שנה הינו מוותיקי עורכי הדין הפליליים בארץ וטיפל בתיקים פליליים מורכבים מאוד, בארץ ובחו”ל.

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